The Dumpling Dojo Story

Embark on a culinary journey at Dumpling Dojo, the brainchild of seasoned entrepreneur Mr. Anthony de Fino, who seamlessly created the legacy of Dumpling Dojo into an extraordinary Asian fusion haven in the beautiful town of Rutherford, NJ. 

A connoisseur of success, Mr. de Fino's acquisition of Dumpling Dojo was more than a mere transaction; it was a passionate commitment to crafting a dining experience that resonates with joy, well-being, and prosperity.

Originating from a humble background as a carpenter, he embraced every role in the restaurant, from dishwasher to head chef, delivery, busser and server virtuoso. His dedication to mastering each facet of the culinary world echoes his relentless work ethic.

Transforming challenges into opportunities, Mr. de Fino not only weathered the storm of the COVID pandemic but emerged triumphantly, positioning Dumpling Dojo as a resilient culinary gem. The restaurant's success is a testament to his unwavering determination and adaptive prowess, making it a rare beacon of hope during challenging times.

Within Dumpling Dojo's walls, patrons discover more than just delectable dishes; they find a welcoming ambiance where every guest feels like family. Mr. de Fino's artistic touch graces the menu, blending his distinctive palate and creative flair with valuable insights from patrons and friends. Together, these elements have elevated Dumpling Dojo to new heights, creating a dining sanctuary that not only survived but thrived in the face of adversity.

Join us at Dumpling Dojo, where innovation meets tradition, and every meal is a celebration of resilience, passion, and the culinary arts.

At Dumpling Dojo, our mission is to offer unparalleled casual Asian fusion cuisine featuring exceptional dumplings and creatively reimagined traditional dishes. We aim to consistently surpass your expectations while strategically growing Dumpling Dojo into a renowned multi-location brand. 

At Dumpling Dojo, we are committed to serving the best casual Asian cuisine in New Jersey, maintaining consistent quality and value, and providing exceptional customer service with prompt dine-in, delivery and convenient take-out options. Through these proactive efforts, we actively build a strong community of satisfied customers.